Trade Services Price List

Trade services are offered to entities holding an Australian ABN that regularly undertake construction, architectural, or heritage work.

Services are billed per labour hour. That is, if two or more staff members are required, then the base rate is multiplied by the number of staff attending.

You can also download a more comprehensive trade list.

WTF is That?

What is that old thing? You could spend two weeks on Google trying to work it out. Or you could ask us. We'll tell you what it is, what it's worth, how it's made, who still makes them, who fixes them, and all that kind of stuff.   550 inc. GST.

Worksite Crisis Management

Oops, your apprentice just nailed through his head. Or sawed through the 100-year-old bannister. Whatever. We manage your crisis, get it fixed, generate some documentation, and deal with the relevant authorities and/or furious husbands.   From 660 inc. GST.

Design Consultancy: Workflow, Heritage Compliance, Australian Standards Compliance

We work with your architect, interior designer, decorator or client to refine their designs ensuring effectiveness and compliance in a range of areas.   First hour 880 inc. GST, subsequent hours 550 inc. GST.

Heritage Maintenance and Management Plans

Preparation of property or object maintenance, conservation or management plans. These include things like ongoing maintenance schedules, long-term remedial work, etc.

The cost of this service can increase rapidly if subcontractors (people like certified conservators) are involved    From 880 inc. GST.

House and Property Assessment*

Summary of major features of an old house; photographs; floor plans; basic heritage assessment; summary of major work required; outputs presented in report form.   From 880 inc. GST.

* We don't do structural reports, pest reports, or formal valuations. See a builder, pest removalist or real estate agent for that.

Copy Writing

Writing things for you. Whatever you want. Finished.   198 per hour inc. GST, or 253 per 500 words, inc. GST.

Paranormal Investigations, Ghost Removal, Exorcisms etc

Our paranormal investigations are a joke. Nonetheless, if you think you have some sort of supernatural problem with your old house we can probably help.

We have a range of fully qualified subcontractors who specialise in this work, including a Feng Shui practitioner, a Rabbi, a psychic medium, and a Roman Catholic Priest (we don't recommend using him in cases involving small children or animals).

The cost of this service can increase rapidly if your problem is a big one   From 1650 inc. GST.

Last updated 17 March, 2015.

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