Service Price List

Services are billed per labour hour. That is, if two or more staff members are required, then the base rate is multiplied by the number of staff attending.

You can also download a more comprehensive price list.

Handyman & Maintenance Work

Minor repair work; painting; tiling; that sort of stuff.   82.50 inc. GST.

Horticultural Work

Garden maintenance; planting; things like that.   71.5 inc. GST.

Builders Margin

Builder's margin on materials purchased.   5.5% inc. GST.

Trade Supervision

Obtaining trade quotations (all trades); work site supervision; practical completion checks; preparation of defect notices.   126.5 inc. GST.

House and Property Assessment*

Summary of major features of an old house; photographs; floor plans; basic heritage assessment; summary of major work required; outputs presented in report form.   From 880 inc. GST.

* We don't do structural reports, pest reports, or formal valuations. See a builder, pest removalist or real estate agent for that.

Basic Historical Research*

Document based, heritage or historical research. Outputs presented as primary sources or basic summaries.   104.5 inc. GST.

* We don't offer genealogical research.

Complex Historical Research or Assessment

Assessment of heritage listings or reports; assessment of impact of heritage listings; preparation of basic heritage reports; academic or archival historical research.   First hour 242 inc. GST, subsequent hours 181.5 inc. GST.

Heritage or Design (Interior, Horticultural, or Whatever) Work

Full range of design services available; colour schemes; floor-plans; Gant charts; all that sort of stuff.   Initial consultation 660 inc. GST., subsequent hours 209 inc. GST.

Paranormal Investigations

Please see our Trade Services Price List.

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