Our Brands

Absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-designed, etc, etc, etc, TEEs inspired by the past.

Rent or buy furniture and other cool stuff for property staging, TV, theatre, photoshoots and more.

Historians are funny. Well, some historians are funny. Okay. Funny things certainly happened in the past. And some historians can tell you about them. In a way that reflects their funniness. Come and see some of our leading intellectual minds from very prestigious universities tell funny stories about the past. Stand Up for History.

Raffles. Bonus drinks (in a socially acceptable way). Weird pictures. Free history.

TheOldPaper.Co collects vintage prints, maps, postcards and ephemera, recycling them into useful things. It also produces a range of high-quality reproductions of these items.

Custom gaming gear. Pow!! Pow!! Crash!!

Decorative vintage print of a broken cloche